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Source: The Guradian

DNA on napkin leads to murder charge in 25-year-old case

Today 01:29 GMT

A Minnesota businessman has been charged in a 25-year-old murder case, after investigators ran crime scene DNA evidence through a genealogy website then obtained the suspect’s DNA from a napkin thrown away at a hockey rink.

Officers then followed Westrom in hopes of collecting a sample of his DNA, and got lucky at a hockey game where he ordered a hotdog at a concession stand, wiped his mouth after eating, and tossed the napkin in the trash.

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Source: Fox News

How Minneapolis' Somali community became the terrorist recruitment capital of the US

Sunday 01:29 GMT

– More men and boys from a Somali American community in Minneapolis have joined – or attempted to join – a foreign terrorist organization over the last 12 years than any other jurisdiction in the country.

The answers matter because federal authorities say they remain "highly concerned" about the terrorist connection with the Minneapolis Somalis - even though al-Shabab is struggling against the Somali government, and the so-called ISIS “caliphate” has crumbled under a sustained U.S.-led military campaign. “We are very conscious that there may still be fertile ground for that, and that is could re-start at any time," one federal official told Fox News.

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Fishermen catch 'monstrous' 78-inch sturgeon, make Minnesota history

Saturday 14:30 GMT

Two Minnesota fishermen smashed a state record and made Minnesota history with their recent catch of a massive sturgeon, measuring 78 inches and estimated to weigh 120 pounds.

On Valentine’s Day, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) confirmed that the fish was not only the largest lake sturgeon caught on record, but also the longest fish nabbed in North Star State history. Darren Troseth and John Kimble nabbed the creature on Feb. 5, while ice fishing on the St. Croix River, St. Croix 360 reports.

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Enbridge confident Line 3 pipeline will open this year despite new challenge

Saturday 14:30 GMT

Enbridge Inc. is confident that its Line 3 oil pipeline replacement project will come into service by the end of the year in spite of a renewed challenge launched this week by the newly elected governor of Minnesota.

READ MORE: Minnesota governor sides with environmentalists on Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline. The $9-billion project to export crude from Alberta to Superior, Wis., where it will connect with pipelines to the U.S. Gulf Coast, is needed by shippers, supported by parties along its route and will create jobs and pay millions in taxes to local governments, said Enbridge CEO Al Monaco on a conference call on Friday.

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