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Porn not only messes with young men’s minds, but their bodies too

Today 06:04 GMT

In a twisted way, male porn stars almost become role models, with impressionable young minds going away with the feeling that porn doesn’t just portray a certain kind of sex (an option), but, rather the only kind of sex worth having.

There’s been much concern about the effect of net porn on young minds, including director-campaigner Beeban Kidron’s 2013 documentary, InRealLife. What’s striking is that this is one of the first generations to be overloaded from an early age with easily accessible hardcore internet porn.

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Luka Jovic reminds Eintracht Frankfurt of his quality and potential

Saturday 10:50 GMT

Eintracht Frankfurt scored seven goals against Fortuna Düsseldorf in matchday eight's opener in the Bundesliga, but the game was less about the scoreline and more about the man who scored five of the seven.

Spread out over two seasons, that would equal just six million and given Jovic's remarkable potential, that looks like money Frankfurt should definitely spend.

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These mind hacks can help you handle a volatile stock market and invest smarter

Friday 23:42 GMT

Daniel Crosby is founder of Nocturne Capital and author of “The Behavioral Investor” (Harriman House, 2018), from which this article is excerpted.

It seems incredible that something as simple as labeling money can induce us to save and invest differently but as George Loewenstein says, “While it seems like an inconsequential process, earmarking can have a dramatic effect on retirement savings. Cheema and Soman (2009) found that earmarking savings in an envelope labeled with a picture of a couple’s children nearly doubled the savings rate of very low income parents.”

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