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Millennials are not like everybody else — here’s why

Today 08:05 GMT

See: Bucking ‘entitlement’ stereotypes, these millennials help their parents pay bills. • Housing, family and future: The number of millennials is expected to exceed that of baby boomers in 2019, with 73 million members, partly because of immigrants coming to the U.S. Millennials may be more racially and ethnically diverse, but so-called Generation Z, their younger counterparts (those born between 1997 and 2012), are expected to be the “most diverse and best-educated generation yet,” Pew expects.

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Limos, mansions and millennials: how wealth transformed a quiet mountain

Tuesday 15:25 GMT

What bothers Dan Harris the most, he said, on a rickety chair on the porch of his 90-year-old, 800ft “cracker box farm house”, is how the owners of the mountain across the street don’t seem to feel the same devotion to it that he does. As he described it, they have turned “a near-pristine” Utah mountain top where he hiked, hunted and skied as a youth into a landscape studded with holiday homes for high-profile business and media tycoons.

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Do AirPods make you look rich These millennials think so

Today 03:20 GMT

That $159 price sits right in the sweet spot: just expensive enough to impress, but cheap enough that young, digitally savvy people can actually buy them.

Apple does not release sales figures for AirPods, but Google Trends, the search engine’s in-house index, charted that interest in AirPods in terms of Google searches was more than nine times higher this past Christmas than it was at the same time in 2016, right after their release.

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