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Source: BBC

US militia 'trained to assassinate Obama'

Today 10:50 GMT

The suspected leader of a New Mexico militia group allegedly boasted of plans to assassinate former President Barack Obama, the FBI has said.

"Hopkins allegedly made the statement that the United Constitutional Patriots were training to assassinate George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, because of these individuals' support of Antifa [a left-wing group]," Mr Gabriel said. According to an affidavit by Special Agent David Gabriel, the FBI received information in 2017 that the Patriots, based out of Mr Hopkins' residence, had about 20 members and was armed with AK-47 rifles, among other firearms.

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Source: The Guradian

Leader of militia at US border boasted of training to kill Obama – FBI

Tuesday 19:05 GMT

The leader of an armed group that is stopping undocumented migrants who cross into the US from Mexico once boasted about training to assassinate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros, an FBI agent said in court papers on Monday.

“To the extent where the FBI has got involved, I think it’s escalated to a point where they need to send a stronger message out to them that, ‘No, we told you not to do this,’” said Weinstein, a partner at the law firm of Hinshaw and Culbertson.

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Source: The Guradian

Member of armed militia who detained migrants faced similar charges in 2006

Monday 19:04 GMT

A member of an armed civilian group that has detained migrants near the US-Mexico border who was arrested on Saturday reportedly faced similar charges in Oregon 13 years ago.

The ACLU in New Mexico described the group as “an armed fascist militia organization” made up of “vigilantes” and said they were working to “kidnap and detain people seeking asylum”, making illegal arrests and holding migrants at gunpoint.

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