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Source: Reuters

Factbox: Sifting through U.S. beach sand numbers

Saturday 01:32 GMT

* While Florida leads in most beach sand replenishment measures, California has placed the most sand by volume on its beaches - 394 million cubic yards of sand since its first project in the Los Angeles coastal suburb of San Pedro in 1927.

Here is a summary of what Florida and other coastal states and communities have been doing to protect and rebuild their shorelines based on to the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) data:. * In 1923, New York City’s neighborhood of Coney Island was the first to pour sand on its beaches.

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Source: CBS News

Dad who walked 11 miles to and from work gets life-changing gift

Friday 17:17 GMT

"The story was that we had a dedicated young man that really wanted to come to work and he proved that because he walked to work," he said of Lewis, who stood amongst the group of coworkers.

It means, they never saw you but from what I told them, they trusted me to do what I said I was going to do," Bryant told Lewis. "So, on behalf of all of us and them, we would like to present you with this helping hand," Bryant told Lewis, who was stunned.

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