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U.S. authorities held immigrant children in a ‘tent city’ for months: court filings

Today 15:26 GMT

U.S. authorities have held some immigrant children who entered the country illegally and without a parent in a temporary “tent city” in Texas for months, violating a 20-year-old court order on how long minors can be detained, according to court filings by civil rights lawyers and immigration advocates.

More than 500 children have been housed in tents near Tornillo, Texas since August, and 46 have been held there since June, according to a Friday court filing in Los Angeles federal court by civil rights organizations and advocacy groups representing migrant children.

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WATCH: Griff Jenkins Witnesses Illegal Immigrants' Attempt to Cross Border in Texas

Today 15:27 GMT

Fox News' Griff Jenkins witnessed an apparent attempt by some illegal immigrants to enter the United States on Monday, as a massive migrant caravan pushes toward the southern border about 1,000 miles away.

Witnessing smugglers take illegal immigrants from Honduras on a raft across the Rio Grande from Mexico to the U.S. Border @GriffJenkins pic.twitter.com/DQzSury8fv The growing caravan of immigrants from Central America continues to inch closer to the southern border and is reportedly more than a mile long.

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