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Source: The Week

The house that withstood Hurricane Michael

Today 11:46 GMT

Its video footage became the only view of their property as Hurricane Michael thundered ashore earlier this month, the most intense storm recorded in the history of the Florida Panhandle.

The story of how the Sand Palace made it through Michael while most of its neighbors collapsed is one about building in hurricane-prone Florida, and how construction regulations failed to imagine the Category 4 monster's catastrophic destruction.

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Source: Washington Post

Hurricane Michael left many in Panama City without power, water or Internet, putting many into survival mode

Today 16:21 GMT

Life in Panama City is still completely disrupted, with many lacking power, running water, reliable cell service and access to the Internet.

Business used to be good at Peggy Sue Singleton’s tiny, white cinder-block barber shop, where she and a co-worker snipped and buzzed more than 200 heads of hair each week in this seaside city adjacent to a military base. The cinder blocks now are strewn across the parking lot as if bludgeoned by a wrecking ball, her parlor a haphazard heap of construction innards: splintered wood, smashed windows, wire.

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Source: CBS News

Mental stress mounting in Florida after devastating Hurricane Michael

Today 16:21 GMT

Health workers say they are seeing signs of mental problems in residents more than a week after Michael, and the issues could continue as a short-term disaster turns into a long-term recovery that will take years.

Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki said a high school football game played Saturday afternoon was part of an effort to re-establish the familiar patterns of life, to "create normalcy" in a way that would help people feel more at ease in a town devastated by the hurricane. "People have been stressed.

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Source: Washington Post

A week after Hurricane Michael, rural residents feel stranded

Friday 20:02 GMT

In the week after the catastrophic Hurricane Michael, residents have watched supply trucks and federal emergency officials come through the rural town of Alford, population 400.

Lillian Chance couldn’t leave her street for days until a neighbor chopped away the fallen trees that blocked her pothole-filled path. She was unable to get inside her trailer until an old friend sliced off branches of the cedar that had collapsed on it.

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Source: Fox News

Hurricane Michael pummeled emergency operations center where town officials rode out storm

Saturday 20:00 GMT

When Hurricane Michael was bearing down on the Florida Gulf Coast, local officials in this small town (population 21,000) decided to bring their families to the building housing the police station to ride out the storm.

Incredibly, he said, not a single person who took refuge inside the structure, which was functioning as an emergency operations center during the storm, was injured.

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