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Angela Merkel facing leadership questions as Bavarian vote looms

Tuesday 11:47 GMT

That was certainly evident in Kiel, where JU leader Paul Ziemiak drew cheers by calling on Merkel to modernize the party, and there was noisy grumbling from Bavarian delegates, who are in the final straight of a desperate election campaign ahead of a state vote next Sunday.

As a recent post by the media observer outlet Übermedien noted last month, German newspapers have been publishing "beginning of the end of the Angela Merkel era" articles since at least 2001, a year after she became the first female leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), and four years before she took charge of the German government.

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Germany's Angela Merkel no longer leading the charge on climate change

Tuesday 17:17 GMT

There was a time when German Chancellor Angela Merkel would have been the person campaigning nationally and internationally to protect the climate.

Flasbarth, an internationally recognized negotiator and environmental expert, did his best to sell Germany's climate policies: sustainable sources account for almost 35 percent of the country's electricity consumption; billions of euros have been allotted for the transition to renewables; German firms are global leaders in many green technologies.

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Merkel's conservatives, Social Democrats slump as Greens surge

Friday 18:13 GMT

And, 74 percent said cabinet was deficient on climate change policy, with most of the view that saving the climate outweighed traditional coal extraction, exemplified by protests in recent weeks over a forest clearance stalled at the Hambach lignite open-cast mine in North Rhine-Westphalia state.

Germany's regular Deutschlandtrend charted eroding support for Merkel's conservatives and especially her Social Democrat (SPD) partners Thursday, three days ahead of a shakedown regional election in southern Bavaria state.

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Exit polls in Bavaria show voters spurning Merkel’s allies, boosting parties on the left and right

Sunday 20:00 GMT

Voters in the southern German heartland of Bavaria appeared to have dealt a stinging blow to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative allies on Sunday.

Germany’s surging far-right party is trying to attract an unlikely group of voters: Jews  . Like Washington Post World on Facebook and stay updated on foreign news

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Merkel’s Allies in Bavaria Hit With Worst Election Showing Since 1950

Monday 21:50 GMT

Germany’s political fragmentation deepened after allies of Angela Merkel took a beating in a crucial regional election in Bavaria, raising questions about how long the chancellor can keep control of her brittle coalition government.

Preliminary results showed the ruling Christian Social Union, sister party to Ms. Merkel’s Christian Democrats in the populous and affluent southern state, had lost its absolute majority, scoring only 37.4% of the vote—its worst result since 1950.

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Bavaria's Free Voters — What you need to know

Monday 21:51 GMT

The Free Voters have scored a record number of votes in Sunday's Bavarian state election and are likely to become part of the government coalition.

The Free Voters party had reason to celebrate Sunday night when the results of Bavaria's state election started rolling in.

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Angela Merkel: Brexit deal looking 'more difficult'

Today 08:05 GMT

Angela Merkel has spoken of growing difficulties in striking a Brexit deal as the European council president, Donald Tusk, warned that a no-deal scenario was “more likely than ever before”, following the latest derailment of talks over the Irish border. “We were actually pretty hopeful that we would manage to seal an exit agreement” but “at the moment, it looks a bit more difficult again”, the German chancellor told the German Foreign Trade Federation of the latest talks, which have largely been held in secret.

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