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Third Canadian detained in China as feud escalates

Today 14:31 GMT

A spokesperson for Canada’s global affairs ministry said they were aware a third Canadian citizen had been detained, according to the National Post.

Canada’s embassy in China published a commemoration of Charter 08, a petition calling for democratic reform co-authored by the Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo, on the social media site Weibo on Tuesday. Meng faces extradition to the US on charges linked to fraud and violations of US sanctions on Iran.

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Was China caught off guard by Canada’s loyalty to rule of law, U.S. in Huawei arrest?

Monday 13:35 GMT

Frustration in China over the arrest and possible extradition of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou may come from not understanding how the rule of law actually works.

In interviews with the West Block‘s Mercedes Stephenson, Liberal MP Andrew Leslie and Michael Hirson, Asia director at the Eurasia Group, posited that part of the reason for the rough reaction from China to Meng’s arrest and Canada’s willingness to carry it out lies in fundamental misunderstandings of just how deep respect for rule of law and the Canadian relationship with the U.S. work, even in times of challenges, such as under the current U.S. president.

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