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Source: Reuters

The People's Princess, Britons work to keep memory alive

Today 06:07 GMT

Almost 20 years on since she was killed when her car crashed in a Paris tunnel, he still works surrounded by pictures of the woman he calls "the princess of the people" in his cafe, named Diana, his very personal attempt to keep her memory alive. "My promise to her is to put this place as a tribute for her," he said of his cafe, set up in 1989, near London's Kensington Gardens, home to the palace where Diana used to live.

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Source: Washington Post

The day white Virginia stopped admiring Gen. Robert E. Lee and started worshipping him

Wednesday 23:45 GMT

The canonization of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee began shortly after 5 p.m., May 7, 1890, on the docks of the James River in Richmond.

Removing a slavery defender’s statue: Roger B. Taney wrote one of Supreme Court’s worst rulings. ‘Then they came for me’: A Hitler supporter’s haunting warning has a complicated history

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Solar eclipse 2017: The pictures you have to see

Wednesday 22:47 GMT

Finally, here are some of the most breathtaking photos of the solar eclipse, if you weren't lucky enough to see it with your own eyes.

In Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, where the solar eclipse was partially visible, this man made glasses from a plastic bottle. Most people appeared to heed this advice, though what some placed over their eyes may not have done much to protect them.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte