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Source: CBS News

AmeriCorps programs accused of sexual misconduct and breakdowns in oversight

Today 12:40 GMT

A CBS News Radio investigation of years of complaints about AmeriCorps programs has found multiple allegations of sexual harassment, abusive behavior and mismanagement since 2013.

AmeriCorps whistleblowers, its critics and republicans in Congress say AmeriCorps needs desperate reforms to support and protect members, while serving communities.

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Source: Fox News

A Democratic House majority could be dangerous for our country – here’s why

Sunday 20:54 GMT

Slashing the defense budget, inciting violence, launching partisan fishing expeditions, and impeaching Kavanaugh may sound like heaven to the fringe corners of the Democratic base, but it’s hardly what swing voters interested in an effective federal government desire.

Voters who think that it may be time for a change should think again about how those changes will impact not only their lives, but the overall direction of the country.

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Source: DW

Kosovo votes to establish national army

Friday 20:57 GMT

Kosovo's lawmakers have moved to create a national army in a vote boycotted by the parliament's Serb minority lawmakers.

The Kosovo parliament on Thursday voted in support of establishing a 5,000-strong national army, despite the parliament's Serb minority representatives declaring the move illegal. The draft laws received support from 98 deputies in the 120-seat parliament, but the vote was boycotted by the legislature's 11 Serb deputies and criticized by officials in Serbia.

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Source: Fox News

New York Times board member telling Hillary Clinton to stay quiet proves she is ‘politically radioactive,’ experts say

Saturday 14:30 GMT

A member of the New York Times editorial board has a message for “broadly unpopular” Hillary Clinton as the crucial midterms loom: stay off the campaign trail or risk firing up the GOP base. Times board member Michelle Cottle penned a piece headlined, “Hillary Clinton’s Master Class in Distraction,” that essentially tells the failed 2016 presidential candidate to back off and allow Democrats to focus on the midterms.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte