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‘Joyous but so devastating’: Surrey father crushed by car meets infant son for first time

Today 10:51 GMT

Surrey man’s wife gives birth hours after he’s crushed by car in race track accident. Sedman, a 41-year-old Surrey fireworks technician, was setting up a pyrotechnics display at the Saratoga Speedway in Black Creek on Vancouver Island just over two weeks ago when he was crushed by a car in a freak accident.

He was in hospital, heavily sedated with critical injuries, when his wife Christa went into labour and delivered their infant son.

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U.S. Envoy Meets Taliban In Push for Afghan Peace Talks

Saturday 05:11 GMT

Washington’s newly named point man for Afghan peacemaking met Taliban representatives in the Gulf nation of Qatar on Friday, a person familiar with the gathering said, as the Trump administration stepped up efforts to cobble together a road map for talks aimed at ending the 17-year war in Afghanistan.

Islamabad views a U.S. and Afghan government military victory as next to impossible and has welcomed the American push for a peace deal.

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Meet the 27-year-old who saved 16,000 girls from genital mutilation

Saturday 23:39 GMT

Swedish city advises girls facing genital mutilation threat to hide spoon in underwear. “It was not easy because as a woman who has not even undergone circumcision, I was seen as a bad example in my village. They saw that I disrespected my community.”

Canada could force separation of mother and 11-year-old daughter at risk of genital mutilation. Leng’ete, an orphan, convinced her grandfather to let her forgo the ritual but saving herself wasn’t enough.

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‘Virtually impossible’ for Canada to cut emissions in half by 2030 to meet UN goals: experts

Saturday 10:50 GMT

A new UN report on climate change tasks Canada with reducing its carbon emissions by almost half in 12 years in order to prevent environmental catastrophe.

Here’s the difference in impact that 1.5 and 2 C of global warming will have on the planet. In order to prevent this, the global community needs to cut the amount of emissions released each year leading up to 2030 so that they don’t exceed 55 per cent more than what they were in 2010, it added.

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