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Gambler who won $1.2M off Tiger Woods' Masters win said he'd been in deep debt recently


The gambler who placed an $85,000 wager on Tiger Woods winning the Masters — ultimately winning $1.2 million — says he was tens of thousands of dollars in debt as recently as four months ago.

In his fifth-ever Masters victory, the legendary golfer shot a 2-under par 70 to win his 15th major championship — and Adducci won $1.275 million.

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Tiger Woods’ Masters win turns Wisconsin day trader’s $85,000 bet into $1.2M

Thursday 01:31 GMT

A Wisconsin man, who claims to have never placed a bet on sports before he risked US $85,000 on Tiger Woods winning the Masters, is now more than a million dollars richer.. James Adducci was presented with a cheque for more than US $1.2 million Monday at a sportsbook in Las Vegas.

“Tiger climbs back to the top, and a guy from Wisconsin, on his first sports bet ever, wins over $1 million betting on him.”

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Michael Jordan says Tiger Woods' comeback is 'the greatest I've ever seen'

Friday 18:09 GMT

Michael Jordan, who famously came back from retirement to add to his haul of NBA titles, has paid tribute to Tiger Woods’s return to the peak of golf.

Jordan and Woods forged a friendship through their shared experiences as two of the most famous athletes in the world, although the relationship has been strained in recent years. However, in an interview with the Athletic published on Thursday, Jordan hailed Woods’s victory at the Masters last weekend.

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Phil Knight on Tiger Woods’ 2019 Masters win: ‘Gave me goosebumps’ and ‘a few tears’

Sunday 08:58 GMT

Nike co-founder Phil Knight told Brian Kilmeade that Tiger Woods' 2019 Master win, “gave me goosebumps and, to be perfectly honest, a few tears.”

Nike released a new ad featuring Tiger Woods immediately following his Masters win, which showed video of Woods throughout his life and read: “It’s crazy to think a 43-year-old who has experienced every high and every low and has just won his 15th major is chasing the same dream as a 3-year-old.”

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I'm glad Tiger won the Masters, but he's no hero to the Black community

Tuesday 09:55 GMT

Couple that with the fact that it happened at the Masters on a course that was literally built on the grounds of a slave plantation, one that no Black golfer had ever even competed on until Lee Elder in 1975, at a club that didn’t even have a Black member until 1990.

You may not have a pulse if you didn’t feel at least a little warm inside as Tiger passionately embraced his son behind the 18th green, a scene reminiscent of the bear hug that he shared with his late father Earl Woods after winning the Masters for the first time back in 1997.

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