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Marketing Executives Make Financial Bets Beyond Their Day Jobs

Tuesday 01:29 GMT

The fund, started last year by former Viacom Inc. marketing executive Ross Martin, is part of a movement by advertising pros to use their modern-day marketing skills to make financial bets independent of their day jobs.

Aneto Okonkwo had nearly closed a $2 million funding round for Chatdesk Inc., his customer-service technology startup, when an investor introduced him to one more potential backer: Lunch Partners, an investor group comprised largely of marketing executives.

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Here’s what smart rich people really do with their nest egg

Monday 19:06 GMT

My business partner Scott Puritz, has found the one area where even above-average people, objectively smart, rich, successful professionals, seem to wave the white flag and admit to not understanding — money and investing.

After a while, you will make peace with the process and grow to accept that an even keel makes for smooth sailing, no matter which ways the market winds blow.

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America’s wavering housing market all depends on what Fed does next

Monday 10:50 GMT

Here is what forecasters predict the New Year will hold for America’s housing market:. Also see: Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, many Americans can’t afford an apartment when they move for work. In the Dec. 7 week, the interest rate on a fixed-rate 30-year mortgage was hovering 4.75%, down six basis points.

In some of the nation’s priciest markets, housing inventory has improved in recent months, relieving some of the inventory-related constraints on housing markets.

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