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This is why investors should believe Larry Culp will transform GE

Thursday 12:41 GMT

Larry Culp, the former CEO of Danaher and the first outsider to lead General Electric Co., will revitalize GE with the same powerful system he used to quintuple revenue at Danaher: the Toyota Production System, or TPS.

Douglas Lavin helps modernize large corporations at UST-Global, a software and digital transformation delivery company.

1 Article
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The Midwest economy is about to get pummeled again

Thursday 09:01 GMT

This is adapted from his weekly commentary — “The Causes and Effects of This Growing Trade War.” Follow him on Twitter @HicksCBER.

The causal factor in the decline of many Midwest places was simply dogged, stubborn, almost prideful ignorance about century-long changes to the world economy. Not only has this saddled communities with decades of mis-investment, it has mistakenly convinced millions of Midwesterners that factory jobs may once again be plentiful.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte