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Source: The Guradian

Nevada becomes first US state with majority-female legislature

Today 07:00 GMT

Nevada became the first state in the US with an overall female majority in its legislature on Tuesday when county officials in Las Vegas appointed two women to fill vacancies in the state assembly.

With the 2018 election, women cracked the 50% threshold in the Nevada state assembly and Colorado state house, but no overall majority was reached until the Nevada appointments. “It is unprecedented at this point to see a majority female legislature overall,” said Kelly Dittmar, an assistant professor of political science at Rutgers-Camden.

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Source: Fox News

Tomi Lahren: Defending Major Golsteyn -- An American hero is being thrown under the bus

Tuesday 20:56 GMT

Major Matt Golsteyn, a former Army Special Forces officer and American hero is being thrown under the bus by the country he put it all on the line to defend.

A decorated former Green Beret could face the DEATH PENALTY from his own government after he admitted to killing a suspected Taliban bomb maker almost a decade ago. Wait, what?

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte