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Dogs 'becoming major threat' to wildlife


In a recent study carried out on dogs in Chile, the authors said: "Conservationists in Chile and elsewhere see urgency in controlling the impact of free-ranging dogs on wildlife."

"Direct poaching by dogs is less of a threat, but the main issue is the spread of diseases from dogs to wild animals, notably rabies and canine distemper," said Arnulf Koehncke, director of species conservation with WWF in Germany. "There have been repeated outbreaks of these diseases among critically endangered Ethiopian wolves, for instance, as well as of rabies in India and Nepal."

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Australia's government loses major vote on asylum bill

Wednesday 12:40 GMT

Under Australia's harsh asylum policy — aimed at deterring asylum-seekers from reaching Australia by boat — Canberra sends asylum seekers who arrive by sea to Nauru and Papua New Guinea for processing and bars them from resettling in Australia.

Australia's ruling conservative party suffered a rare defeat on Tuesday, when the opposition joined minor parties and independent lawmakers to pass a bill that would give sick asylum seekers easier access to mainland hospitals.

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Majority of New Yorkers approve of Amazon’s HQ2, despite political backlash

Thursday 11:46 GMT

Despite fierce and frequent attacks from New York politicians against Amazon for its planned expansion in Long Island City, a neighborhood in Queens, a majority of New Yorkers said they approve of the $3 billion deal.

Siena conducted the poll of 778 registered voters via telephone from Feb. 4 to 7. It has a 4.3 percent margin of error.

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New Brunswick MP continues to speak out over SNC-Lavalin controversy

Friday 15:26 GMT

Saint John-Rothesay representative Wayne Long continues to weigh in on the scandal involving construction giant SNC-Lavalin, former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould and the Prime Minister’s Office.

READ MORE: Trudeau says report his office pressed former justice minister to drop SNC-Lavalin prosecution ‘false’

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Black hole detector to get major upgrade

Friday 15:26 GMT

The UK and US governments have announced a £25m upgrade to the machines that detected gravitational waves three and a half years ago.

Prof Sheila Rowan of Glasgow University, who will be among those leading the project, said the upgrade will help us understand more about black holes, gravity and neutron stars. "We have already learned so much from the ten black hole and one neutron star collisions we have observed," she said.

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Fox News Poll: Majority thinks Democrats have a chance to unseat Trump in 2020

Friday 22:44 GMT

But, as the 2020 race heats up, voters are increasingly confident the eventual Democratic nominee will indeed face off against the current occupant of the White House.

“As with most issues these days, expectations about the 2020 presidential election are largely processed through a partisan lens. Democrats are slightly more bullish about Trump being defeated than Republicans are about his re-election chances,” says Anderson.

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As Amazon drops New York City project, progressives claim a major coup

Friday 23:39 GMT

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasted no time on Thursday in calling Amazon’s decision to scrap plans to build a major New York outpost with nearly $3 billion in city and state incentives a big victory for progressive politicians.

Since Amazon announced plans for its so-called HQ2 in 2017 and began soliciting bids from hundreds of U.S. cities, the political environment in both New York and the country has shifted significantly.

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Wall Street divided on Brexit: Goldman sees a deal, JPMorgan sees a...

Saturday 05:09 GMT

As the United Kingdom’s Brexit crisis deepens, two of the titans of Wall Street have starkly different views of the ultimate outcome: Goldman Sachs sees a 50 percent probability of a ratified deal while JPMorgan sees a delay.

Unless Prime Minister Theresa May can get a Brexit deal approved by the British parliament, then she will have to decide whether to delay Brexit or thrust the world’s fifth largest economy into chaos by leaving without a deal.

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Booker slams Trump over border emergency, says he won't push his vegan diet on Americans

Sunday 06:04 GMT

Sen. Cory Booker on Saturday took aim at President Trump over his declaration of a national border emergency and defended his credentials as a political fighter as he kicked off a three-day presidential campaign swing in the state that holds the first primary in the race for the White House.

Asked if he would advocate for Americans to eat a vegan diet, Booker said, “I think that whatever you eat is a very personal decision and everybody should what eat what they want to eat.

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Majority of European firms have no CO2 reduction targets

Tuesday 20:55 GMT

Most European companies have no target for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions even though 80% see climate change as a business risk, a survey has found.

European firms now make up half of the CDP’s environmental “A-list” and the managing director for Europe, Steven Tebbe, praised climate disclosure’s entry into the financial mainstream. “The next decade is vital if our shift to a sustainable economy is to be successful, and companies lie at the heart of this transition,” he said.

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Brexit Brief: Major U.K. parties warned more members could quit over botched Brexit

Today 08:04 GMT

Seven pro-Europe politicians quit Labour in opposition to leader Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of Brexit — and concerns over anti-Semitism — and called on Europhiles in other parties to join them.

It follows reports that the U.K.’s business secretary Greg Clark and pensions secretary Amber Rudd warned May that up to 22 government ministers and their senior advisers could resign if she doesn’t agree to rule out a no-deal Brexit.

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