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What made The Weekly Standard great

Saturday 15:25 GMT

When it was announced on Friday that The Weekly Standard would print its last issue after nearly a quarter of a century, I was astonished.

The Weekly Standard's unexpected end is a sad thing for this country not because many of its editors and writers stood against President Trump but because at their best they stood for things that matter far more than the short-term fortunes of any politician.

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Weekly Standard, rightwing magazine opposed to Trump, closes after 23 years

Saturday 15:25 GMT

The Weekly Standard, one of the last holdouts opposed to Donald Trump within rightwing media, has been closed after 23 years, silencing its hawkish voice on foreign affairs and its non-ideological brand of conservatism at home.

He said that the magazine had provided a “fiercely independent voice” that was “needed now more than at anytime in our previous 23 years”.

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Conservative Magazine Weekly Standard to Close After 23-Year Run

Saturday 15:25 GMT

The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine critical of the Trump administration, is closing after a 23-year run, its parent company announced Friday.

“The Weekly Standard has been hampered by many of the same challenges that countless other magazines and newspapers across the country have been wrestling with,” said Ryan McKibben, CEO of Denver-based Clarity Media Group Inc., which owns Weekly Standard publisher MediaDC. “Despite investing significant resources into the publication, the financial performance of the publication over the last five years—with double-digit declines in its subscriber base all but one year since 2013—made it clear that a decision had to be made,” he said in a statement.

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Conservative Magazine The Weekly Standard To Fold After 23 Years

Saturday 16:21 GMT

The Weekly Standard, a conservative publication known for being critical of President Donald Trump and a key intellectual force behind the disastrous U.S. war in Iraq, is set to close after 23 years.

Clarity Media Group, which owns Standard publisher MediaDC, announced Friday that the magazine’s final issue will publish on Monday, according to CNN.. “For more than twenty years The Weekly Standard has provided a valued and important perspective on political, literary and cultural issues of the day,” Ryan McKibben, chairman of MediaDC, said in a press release. “The magazine has been home to some of the industry’s most dedicated and talented staff and I thank them for their hard work and contributions, not just to the publication, but the field of journalism.”

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte