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Hardline Venezuela opposition leader Antonio Ledezma flees to Colombia

Saturday 16:22 GMT

The Venezuelan opposition leader Antonio Ledezma, who was detained in 2015 on allegations of coup-plotting but had been under house arrest in Caracas, has fled over the border to Colombia.

María Corina Machado, another hardline opposition leader close to the former mayor, said Ledezma decided to leave because he was under threat after he recently broke with other members of the opposition and stridently condemned attempts at reinitiating a new round of dialogue with Maduro’s government.

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Source: New York Times

Antonio Ledezma, Venezuelan Opposition Leader, Flees to Colombia

Saturday 20:57 GMT

Antonio Ledezma, a prominent opposition leader in Venezuela who had been placed under house arrest on sedition charges, escaped on Friday morning and fled to neighboring Colombia, where the authorities allowed him to enter.

At about the same time, however, Freddy Guevara, another prominent opposition figure, sought asylum in the Chilean Embassy in Caracas after the Supreme Court blocked him from leaving the country and the Constituent Assembly stripped him of his political immunity from prosecution on suspicions of instigating unrest during this year’s protests.

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Venezuela Turns to Billionaire Debt Investor to Help With Bond Crisis

Wednesday 02:27 GMT

CARACAS, Venezuela—Billionaire distressed debt investor David Martínez urged Venezuela’s struggling government to default on its bonds days before the country’s surprise announcement to restructure its obligations.

The loan allowed Venezuela to make a crucial bond payment and helped Mr. Martinez earn Mr. El Aissami’s trust, said an official who was involved in the deal. His New York-based company Fintech Advisory Inc. received bonds with a face value of $1.3 billion as a guarantee for a $300 million loan to the country in March.

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Source: New York Times

Politics Shadow Arrests of Citgo Executives in Venezuela Graft Inquiry

Friday 00:35 GMT

Whatever the motivation, the arrests this week of six senior executives at Citgo, the United States refining subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, have purged the American company’s leadership and stunned the energy sector.

The administration of President Nicolás Maduro called it a necessary move to ferret out “putrid” corruption and end impunity. Outside the government, however, many observers saw it as yet another strong-arm move by Mr. Maduro to consolidate power.

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