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Corruption Currents: ABN Amro Ramps Up Compliance Spending

Today 08:03 GMT

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(FT, Reuters, NLT, Bloomberg). The Dutch central bank fined Rabobank NV €1 million for anti-money-laundering compliance failures. Separately, the Dutch government is considering compiling a list of companies that reached criminal settlements, to debar them from receiving government contracts.

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Corruption Currents: Trial of Ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak Postponed

Wednesday 21:51 GMT

(SCMP). A trial of Najib Razak, the former prime minister of Malaysia, on charges of money laundering connected to embattled sovereign wealth fund 1MDB was postponed, with no new trial date set.

(AP). Supporters of the mayor of Riga, Latvia, staged a protest after his home was searched amid a probe into corruption at the city's transportation company. (Xinhua). The U.S. special counsel's probe continues, as Robert Mueller says in a court filing that Paul Manafort lied to investigators in a bid for a pardon.

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The Morning Download: Juniper CIO Offers Insight From Cloud Initiative

Wednesday 13:35 GMT

Juniper Networks Inc.'s seven-year cloud move ended in December when the company closed the last of its 18 data centers.

During the transition, Chief Information Officer Bob Worrall accumulated plenty of actionable advice, some of which he shared recently with CIO Journal's Sara Castellanos. Juniper Networks Inc.'s seven-year cloud move ended in December when the company closed the last of its 18 data centers.

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Bezos and Bloomberg Top the 50 Biggest Philanthropists List

Thursday 22:45 GMT

Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg claimed the two top spots on an annual list of the biggest philanthropists in the U.S. published Wednesday, contributing $2 billion and $767 million, respectively, in 2018.

After a peak in mega-donations in 2017, the top 50 U.S. philanthropists pulled back their contributions significantly last year, as some of them are concerned about what the future holds in the economy.

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Venezuela: clash looms over 'politicised' aid as Guaidó vows to bring in supplies

Thursday 13:36 GMT

Far, only a small part of the $20m in aid promised by the US has arrived; Canada has promised $40m and the UK has said it would provide £6.5m, funneled into the country via charities and other aid organisations already in Venezuela.

As a shipment of US aid waits in a Colombian frontier warehouse, hungry Venezuelans living nearby are wondering when they will next eat. “They should just start handing it out here,” said Jorge Arráiz, who lives on the streets in Cúcuta, the Colombian city that has become a way station for more than a million people fleeing his home country’s humanitarian crisis.

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