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Source: The Guradian

Airplane with world's longest wingspan takes flight, beating Spruce Goose record

Saturday 18:10 GMT

A giant six-engine aircraft with the world’s longest wingspan – surpassing Howard Hughes’ infamous Spruce Goose – took off from California on its first flight on Saturday.

The previous wingspan leader was Hughes’ second world war-era eight-engine H4 Hercules flying boat, which was nicknamed the Spruce Goose.

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Source: Fox News

Fox News' Steve Harrigan reflects on Afghanistan, America's longest war

Monday 16:20 GMT

As the war in Afghanistan grinds on and peace negotiations between the United States and Taliban leaders continue, Fox News has been covering the conflict from every angle since the beginning.

Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan, who will be reporting from Afghanistan this week, interviewed Hamid Karzai, who would go on to serve as the country's president for a decade: "[Bin Laden's] a criminal.

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