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Source: BBC

'Clear' parallels between Boeing crashes

Monday 16:21 GMT

Flight data from the Ethiopian Airlines disaster a week ago suggest "clear similarities" with a crash off Indonesia last October, Ethiopia's transport minister has said.

"Clear similarities were noted between Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and Indonesian Lion Air Flight 610, which would be the subject of further study during the investigation," Ms Dagmawit told journalists on Sunday. In both cases flight tracking data showed the aircraft's altitude had fluctuated sharply, as the planes seemed to experience erratic climbs and descents.

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Source: Reuters

Ethiopia and Indonesia crash parallels heap pressure on Boeing

Tuesday 22:44 GMT

Investigators into the Boeing Co 737 MAX crash in Ethiopia have found striking similarities in a vital flight angle with an airplane that came down off Indonesia, a source said, piling pressure on the world’s biggest planemaker.

Boeing Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg sought on Sunday to allay some fears, saying the company was finishing a software update and pilot training revision “that will address the MCAS flight control law’s behavior in response to erroneous sensor inputs.”

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Source: Global News

‘Our hearts are heavy’: Boeing CEO says company determined to improve safety of 737 MAX

Wednesday 01:30 GMT

The CEO of Boeing says the embattled aviation giant is doing everything it can to improve the safety of its 737 MAX aircraft in the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air passenger jet crashes.

Canada urged to review aircraft certification agreement with U.S. following Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes. On Wednesday, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said the company was aware that “lives depend on the work we do” and that it was working feverishly to improve the safety of its aircraft. “Based on facts from the Lion Air Flight 610 accident and emerging data as it becomes available from the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 accident, we’re taking actions to fully ensure the safety of the 737 MAX,” Muilenburg said in a statement Monday evening.

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