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Michael Cohen cites personal toll and his cooperation in seeking no jail time


One day after reaching a bombshell plea agreement with special counsel Robert Mueller, Michael Cohen, the president’s longtime personal attorney and fixer, asked a federal judge to spare him a prison sentence for crimes including campaign finance violations and lying to Congress.

In Friday’s memo to Judge Pauley, attorneys for Cohen wrote that “Michael’s decision to cooperate and take full responsibility for his own conduct well reflects his personal resolve, notwithstanding past errors, to re-point his internal compass true north toward a productive, ethical and thoroughly law abiding life.”

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Source: BBC

Shell links top pay to carbon reduction

Tuesday 15:25 GMT

"I am pleased that the Church of England Pensions Board has worked in collaboration with other investors... and with the management of Shell."

The firm is still in talks with investors over the precise figures over carbon targets and what percentage of pay might be affected, but it is estimated that as many as 1,300 high-level employees could be employed. David Cumming of Aviva Investors told the BBC: "This is evidence of the growing power of what they call ESG - environmental, social and governance - investing.

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Source: Global News

Experts urge Canada’s health minister to recall high-strength opioids

Tuesday 22:45 GMT

A new Canadian Medical Association Journal commentary is calling on Canada’s health minister to pull high-strength opioids from the Canadian market.

Authors Matthew Herder and David Juurlink say the federal health minister can recall the drugs using a relatively new power in Canadian law, known as “Vanessa’s Law.” “We’re calling on the federal minister of health to use that power for the first time since it was added to Canadian law in 2014,”  said Herder, Health Law Institute director at Dalhousie University.

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Source: The Guradian

China confident of agreeing US trade deal despite Trump's combative stance

Wednesday 09:00 GMT

China has said that Beijing and Washington will push forward with trade negotiations in the next 90 days and it is confident that an agreement can be reached but doubts remain over whether the two sides can resolve their deep differences.

The ministry’s statement came after the US president, Donald Trump, called himself “a Tariff Man” on Twitter and warned more levies could be imposed on China. The slew of Trump tweets prompted markets to fall as investors lost faith in a detente between the two nations.

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Source: DW

Germany's 16 States: Schleswig-Holstein

Thursday 08:06 GMT

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Not surprising given the rough climate they have to deal with, which dries your throat and leaves you aching for a drink. Even by German standards, the people of Flensburg are said to be taciturn and reserved.

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Corporate Optimism for U.S. Economy Slips to Two-Year Low

Friday 11:46 GMT

Finance professionals who began the year with high hopes for the U.S. economy are losing their optimism, spurred by worries over trade policies, the government budget deficit and higher interest rates.

Fading euphoria over the U.S. tax overhaul is partly to blame for the slipping optimism, said Bob Sannerud, CFO of Minneapolis-based emergency air-evacuation services company Life Link III, who participated in the survey.

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Source: Reuters

Exclusive: Huawei CFO linked to firm that offered HP gear to Iran

Saturday 20:00 GMT

A Hong Kong-based firm that attempted to sell embargoed Hewlett-Packard computer equipment to Iran’s largest mobile-phone operator has much closer ties to China’s Huawei Technologies than was previously known, corporate records show.

Reuters reported last month that in late 2010, Skycom’s office in Tehran offered to sell at least 1.3 million euros worth of HP gear to Mobile Telecommunication Co of Iran, despite U.S. trade sanctions.

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Source: BBC

China threatens Huawei arrest consequences

Saturday 20:00 GMT

"China strongly urges the Canadian side to immediately release the detained person... otherwise Canada must accept full responsibility for the serious consequences caused," the statement added.

Although there are some waivers, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said the US will "aggressively" target any firm or organisation "evading our sanctions".

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