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Limos, mansions and millennials: how wealth transformed a quiet mountain

Today 15:25 GMT

What bothers Dan Harris the most, he said, on a rickety chair on the porch of his 90-year-old, 800ft “cracker box farm house”, is how the owners of the mountain across the street don’t seem to feel the same devotion to it that he does. As he described it, they have turned “a near-pristine” Utah mountain top where he hiked, hunted and skied as a youth into a landscape studded with holiday homes for high-profile business and media tycoons.

1 Article
Source: The Guradian

The Carrying by Ada Limón review – from the heart, unvarnished

Today 18:10 GMT

I had never read Ada Limón when I dipped into Bright Dead Things and The Carrying (published simultaneously in Britain), but have since discovered that Limón is far from an unknown quantity in her native US.

She situates herself in her writing as a figure in a landscape – rural Kentucky – and her struggles (especially with fertility in Carrying) are set against this unheeding pastoral scene. In a recent interview, she said she thought it important that poets should not “just write poems for other poets”.

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