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Source: Reuters

Trump budget proposes subsidy cuts to farmers as they grapple with...

Tuesday 18:10 GMT

President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget on Monday proposed a 15 percent cut for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, calling its subsidies to farmers “overly generous” at a time when they are going through the worst crisis in decades due to depressed commodity prices and Trump’s trade tariffs.

Trump’s budget is expected to be rejected by Congress, where Democratic leaders on Sunday warned him against what they called a “repeat performance” of last year’s funding war, which led to a five-week partial shutdown of the federal government.

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Source: Reuters

Trump's EPA unveils plan to pump up ethanol as Big Oil cries foul

Wednesday 16:21 GMT

(Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday released its proposed rule lifting a summer ban on higher-ethanol blends of gasoline to help farmers, putting the agency on a collision course with Big Oil which has called the move illegal.

Oil majors are expected to align themselves with truck stop operators and other fuel retailers which are routine sellers of the credits and oppose the proposed limits.

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Source: ABC News

Pentagon issues new transgender policy limiting service members to birth gender

Thursday 00:34 GMT

With all legal hurdles cleared, the Pentagon has instituted a new transgender policy that largely limits the military service of transgender persons currently in uniform to their birth gender.

"Today the Trump administration has chosen prejudice and politics over the truth of open service as revealed by the testimonies of dozens of medical and military leaders and the service and sacrifice of 14,700 transgender service members," Aaron Belkin, the head of the Palm Center, said in a statement. "In almost three years of open service these troops built a strong record of achievement and earned the support of every service chief.

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Source: The Guradian

Bloody Sunday trial will test limits of justice in Northern Ireland

Friday 13:34 GMT

The trial of Soldier F for murder and attempted murder on Bloody Sunday in 1972 will test the limits of Northern Ireland’s criminal justice system and legal arrangements made in accordance with the Good Friday agreement.

The trial of Soldier F would normally have been expected to be held in a non-jury, Diplock court – the common practice for Troubles-related cases in Northern Ireland. By coincidence on Thursday, the supreme court in London heard a separate case that could set a precedent for all historical army charges.

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