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Source: ABC News

Democrats want FBI to investigate spa owner, Mar-a-Lago attendee Cindy Yang

Today 15:26 GMT

High-ranking Democrats Friday called on the FBI to conduct a criminal and counterintelligence investigation into a Florida spa owner whose consultancy firm advertised access to President Donald Trump and his inner circle at the president’s Mar-a-Lago country club.

Yang came to national prominence in the wake of a Miami Herald report that said she was the previous owner of a massage parlor where New England Patriots owner and longtime Trump friend Robert Kraft allegedly solicited prostitution.

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Source: BBC

Letter points to motive in Dutch gun attack

Today 14:31 GMT

Dutch prosecutors investigating the murder of three people on a tram say a letter was found in the gunman's getaway car and it is one of the reasons why a terrorist motive is being seriously considered.

Among other things a letter found in the getaway car and the nature of the facts give rise to that," a statement said (in Dutch), without detailing the contents of the letter. The red Renault Clio was, according to police, stolen in a carjacking before the shooting and later found in Utrecht's Tichelaarslaan close to where the suspect was arrested.

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Source: Fox News

Homeless man accused of killing decorated college golfer wrote letter saying he wants to plead guilty: report

Sunday 17:14 GMT

The homeless man accused of killing decorated Iowa State University golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena wrote a note indicating that he wanted to plead guilty, reports stated.

The handwritten note, with multiple spelling errors, read: “I would like to take care of my case, I would like to do (whatever) it is to move forward ending the case, (plea) of guilty if it takes that thank you & sorry I do plead guilty.” CELIA BARQUIN AROZAMENA'S HOMETOWN IN SPAIN MOURNS HER DEATH: 'SHE WAS IN THE BEST MOMENT OF HER LIFE'. The media outlet reported that this was not the first time Richards “filed a handwritten letter in court.”

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