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Source: Fox News

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, on leave amid book probe, has homes and City Hall office raided by feds

Today 05:09 GMT

Two homes belonging to embattled Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh were searched Thursday by federal agents as part of a multi-site raid also encompassing City Hall and coming amid the ongoing investigation into Pugh's half a million dollar book sale windfall.

Additionally, FBI and IRS agents searched the Maryland Center for Adult Training, where Pugh once led a nonprofit job training program alongside three of her staffers; the office of Pugh's attorney, Steven Silverman; and the home of Pugh staffer Gary Brown Jr., the Baltimore Sun reported.

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Source: The Guradian

Obsession with past leaves Solskjær’s United stuck in a footballing Pompeii

Today 05:09 GMT

It was still hard to shake the feeling the team in the sky-blue shirts had spent their evening in a kind of footballing Pompeii, the club that time forgot, stuck cranking out the same jangly playlist, staring back at the past while the present ebbs away.

If there is one lesson from this derby defeat, and from the contortions of the last few years, it is that to close the gap and rebuild properly will involve a departure from the past; not the urge to fetishise it endlessly.

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Source: Reuters

Facebook's flood of languages leave it struggling to monitor content

Wednesday 06:04 GMT

Facebook Inc’s struggles with hate speech and other types of problematic content are being hampered by the company’s inability to keep up with a flood of new languages as mobile phones bring social media to every corner of the globe.

Monika Bickert, the Facebook vice president in charge of the standards, has previously told Reuters that they were “a heavy lift to translate into all those different languages.”

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