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Source: CTV

Family 'learned to hate' after Laura Babcock was killed, sentencing hearing told

Tuesday 18:13 GMT

The family of Laura Babcock says they have learned to hate since finding out that their daughter was brutally killed and her body was burned in an animal incinerator.

Babcock's parents and her brother expressed their hatred and heartbreak in a victim impact statement read out Monday at a sentencing hearing for Dellen Millard and Mark Smich, who were found guilty in December of first-degree murder.

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Source: Fox News

A husband's confession: What I learned from throwing a tantrum with a frying pan

Sunday 10:50 GMT

It didn't work, so in a moment of profound immaturity, I grabbed a frying pan by the handle and smashed it onto the stovetop as hard as I could.

Jesus did what we must do if our marriages are going to thrive despite offenses: He pardoned someone who didn't deserve it, knowing that in doing so, there was a chance for us to experience real love.

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