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Pushback Derails Company That Thrived on Patent Lawsuits

Sunday 18:09 GMT

Shipping & Transit LLC sued more than 100 mostly small companies in 2016, making it the largest filer of patent lawsuits that year.

The challenges to its patent claims and the fee awards were “really the death knell for the company” because they increased the chances that other companies facing patent lawsuits from Shipping & Transit would fight back rather than settle, Mr. Nazer said. In one ruling, a U.S. district judge in Santa Ana, Calif., called Shipping & Transit’s patent claims “objectively unreasonable” in light of a 2014 Supreme Court decision that held that certain kinds of abstract ideas weren’t patentable.

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The ‘Fortnite’ Dance Move That Spawned a Lawsuit

Sunday 12:39 GMT

A lawsuit filed against the maker of “Fortnite” by the New York rapper 2 Milly is taking aim at one of the more popular and colorful aspects of the smash-hit videogame: the celebratory dances players buy for a few bucks. “Fortnite” is among a handful of shooter games in which players can take a break from the heat of battle to make their characters bust a move.

He and another artist, Chance the Rapper, say Epic incorporates dance moves without their originators’ permission, and the works of African American artists in particular.

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Old Bay upset about 'New Bae' seasoning; makers file lawsuit against Pittsburgh company

Friday 06:59 GMT

McCormick, which produces the seafood spice, filed a trademark infringement lawsuit on Monday against a Pittsburg-based company marketing a seasoning called “New Bae,” claiming the product is capitalizing on Old Bay’s reputation. The makers of New Bae, meanwhile, have admitted that they chose the name as a “nod” (and a “terrible pun”), but now say they “never had any intention” of confusing consumers, The Washington Post reports.

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Johnson & Johnson Drafted Into Fight Over Shareholder Lawsuits

Friday 21:50 GMT

Hal Scott, a Harvard University professor who represents a trust that owns J&J shares, filed a shareholder proposal with the company that would push shareholder disputes into private arbitration hearings, instead of federal court.

Robert Jackson Jr., a Democratic commissioner, said in February that curbs on shareholder lawsuits should be debated only through a federal rulemaking process. That would allow for analysis by the agency’s economists and lawyers as well as public comments from investors and companies.

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Harvey Weinstein allegedly bragged about sleeping with Jennifer Lawrence, lawsuit claims

Sunday 02:23 GMT

A new lawsuit filed against Harvey Weinstein on Friday reportedly details an allegation from a woman, who claims the disgraced Hollywood producer sexually abused her multiple times.

Variety reports that Weinstein allegedly said he was trying to help the woman, adding, "I slept with Jennifer Lawrence and look where she is; she has just won an Oscar.” Per the outlet, the suit claims that Weinstein then asked her: "Do you even want to be an actress?"

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To Kill a Mockingbird hits Broadway after lawsuit over Aaron Sorkin’s script

Friday 18:11 GMT

Litigation from the estate of Harper Lee has forced the producers of the Broadway adaption of To Kill a Mockingbird, which opens on Thursday, to change their portrayal of Lee’s iconic lawyer Atticus Finch as a man who drinks alcohol, keeps a gun and curses mildly.

In March, a lawsuit from the late author’s estate had claimed that the script, which was written by Aaron Sorkin, departed from the spirit of the novel, in particular around the character of Atticus.

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Heart surgeon given near-fatal dose of painkiller at hospital he worked for 30 years, family's lawsuit claims

Friday 19:06 GMT

The family of a prominent heart surgeon is suing the Florida hospital where he was chief of cardiovascular surgery over claims that staff gave him a lethal dose of painkillers following back surgery that left him in a vegetative state.

Lester was a longtime and valued member of the JFK Medical Center family, and this is a tragic situation for all of us who have known him and worked with him for many years,” the hospital said in a statement sent to WPBF 25. “While our hearts go out to his family, friends and colleagues, we disagree with allegations in the suit and we will present our side through the legal process.”

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‘Blurred Lines’ copyright lawsuit: Robin Thicke, Pharrell ordered to pay $5M

Saturday 16:21 GMT

After five years, the legal dispute between Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and Marvin Gaye’s family has been resolved — but not peacefully.

WATCH BELOW: Blurred Lines, the song that sparked the copyright infringement lawsuit. The duo lost the dispute back in 2015, but appealed the verdict by denying it was not a case of copyright infringement, rather they just “shared similarities.” The family claimed the song copied the “sound” and “feel” of Gaye’s 1977 single, Got to Give it Up, after Thicke himself admitted it was an inspiration for their smash hit.

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LA college district abolishes free speech zones as part of lawsuit settlement

Saturday 19:04 GMT

The Los Angeles Community College District, which represents nine schools, including Pierce College, agreed on Wednesday to settle a lawsuit filed against them last year by student Kevin Shaw after he was barred from passing out copies of the document because he wasn’t in the school’s designated “free speech zone,” which measured 616 square feet or about the size of three parking spaces. As a part of the settlement, the tiny area marked for students to exercise their first amendment rights will be abandoned altogether, revoking a district-wide policy that declared all property on the district’s nine campuses to be “non-public forums” with speech restrictions.

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