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Source: The Guradian

Virgin Galactic launches SpaceShipTwo to the edge of space

Friday 15:25 GMT

Virgin’s airplane-like SpaceShipTwo, designed to carry six passengers and two pilots on a brief trip to what some agencies consider the edge of space, took off on Thursday morning from California’s Mojave air and space port, about 90 miles (145 km) north of Los Angeles.

Virgin’s pilots are aiming to soar 50 miles into the sky – the US military and Nasa’s definition of the edge of space and high enough to earn commercial astronaut wings by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

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Source: Global News

Investigation launched after video shows deputy tackling two teenage girls for recording an arrest

Friday 20:01 GMT

(AP) — A teenage girl from North Carolina who filmed a deputy tackling her sister says she felt harassed during the recorded altercation that ends with her also being brought to the ground.

READ MORE: Toronto police investigated ‘at one point’ 8 alleged assaults at St. Michael’s College. The video starts with a deputy detaining a teenage boy and putting him in a cruiser. Another deputy then tackles Urban’s younger sister while trying to take away the phone she also was using to record what happened.

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Source: Fox News

Israel launches West Bank crackdown after Palestinian attacks

Friday 20:01 GMT

Israel's military launched a West Bank manhunt Thursday, setting up checkpoints and blocking roads, after a Palestinian gunman killed two Israeli soldiers at a bus stop outside a West Bank settlement and sped away.

The shooting added to a deadly week that claimed seven lives, including an Israeli newborn, a 60-year-old Palestinian businessman and three Palestinian assailants, two of them members of the Islamic militant Hamas.

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Source: DW

Yemen clashes threaten ceasefire in Hodeida

Saturday 23:38 GMT

Clashes broke out Friday evening between pro-government fighters and Houthi rebels near the strategic port city of Hodeida, marking the first of their kind since warring parties agreed to a ceasefire a day before.

On Thursday, Yemeni government representatives and Houthi negotiators backed a ceasefire in and around Hodeida, which is the main gateway for humanitarian aid and food supplies for the impoverished country.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte