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Source: DW

Baltic Sea's largest wind farm officially opened


The Arkona wind farm in the Baltic between Germany's Isle of Rügen and the Danish island of Bornholm has been generating electricity for some months, but was officially inaugurated on Tuesday in the presence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The utilization of offshore wind in Europe's biggest economy dates back to August 2009 when the Alpha Ventus farm in the North Sea recorded it first feed-in to become fully operational in 2010.

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Source: Reuters

Elizabeth Warren builds largest U.S. presidential campaign staff


U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has hired the largest campaign staff in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, quickly building a payroll that far exceeds her Democratic rivals, according to disclosures filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

Warren spent more than $1 million on payroll in the first quarter of 2019, more than double that of rivals such as U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, the two who raised the most money in the first quarter.

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Source: Fox News

‘Largest pill seizure in New Jersey’s history’ made by authorities, DA's office announces

Wednesday 20:00 GMT

“Not only is this the first time state prosecutors in New York have taken down a dark web storefront, this takedown represents the largest pill seizure in New Jersey’s history.”

“The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office is handling the prosecution of the items seized in New Jersey,” according to the news release.

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Source: The Guradian

'A pen can change the world': the duo behind the 'world's largest public library'

Thursday 20:01 GMT

The idea subsequently evolved: they would make what they call the world’s largest library – “the largest repository of good literature in public spaces: a library that’s free for all”.

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Source: Reuters

Tencent-backed live-streaming firm DouYu files for $500 million...

Today 06:04 GMT

China’s largest live-streaming platform DouYu International Holdings Limited, backed by social media and gaming giant Tencent Holdings Ltd, has filed for a U.S. initial public offering (IPO) of up to $500 million.

DouYu, which primarily focuses on the live-streaming of games, is one of several Chinese start-ups in the growing market for live-streaming in China, along with U.S.-listed rival Huya Inc and Huajiao.

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