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Blame Critics for Amazon’s New York Exit, But Blame Amazon Too


Amazon has decided to renege on its plan to bring upwards of 25,000 jobs to New York City and says instead it will focus on expanding in Virginia and Tennessee.

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Australian parties 'hacked by state actor'

Tuesday 04:14 GMT

Australian PM Scott Morrison says the country's major political parties and parliament were hit by a "malicious intrusion" on their computer networks. But he added there was "no evidence of any electoral interference".

After the attack on the parliament's computer network two weeks ago, officials said there was "no evidence" that information had been accessed or stolen.

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North Korea's 'socialist utopia' needs mass labor. A growing market...

Wednesday 00:34 GMT

The rise of markets and growing public resentment toward forced labor have eroded the quality of labor at most brigades nationwide, defectors say.

North Korean defectors and human rights activists say such mass mobilizations amount to “slave labor” disguised as loyalty to Kim and the ruling Workers’ Party. Young workers get no pay, poor food and are forced to work more than 12 hours a day for up to 10 years in return for better chances to enter a university or join the all powerful Workers’ Party.

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Pop music's growing gender gap revealed

Wednesday 09:54 GMT

Lara Baker, a music industry diversity consultant, says there has long been a gender imbalance in the charts and behind the scenes, but adds that the figures showing a growing gap are "really worrying". "I'd like to see streaming platforms, festivals and radio stations giving more attention to equal representation than they currently do," she says.

Singer Mabel, who is currently in the top 10, said she wasn't surprised by the gender gap, telling BBC News: "No, I think we still have a lot of work to do.". Rita Ora and Bebe Rexha's manager Sarah Stennett said: "The gap that exists is not acceptable.

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UK, Belgian pensioners receiving money for collaborating with Nazis

Thursday 08:59 GMT

Belgian and British senior citizens still receive pensions from the German government for collaborating with Nazi Germany during World War II, according to Belgian parliamentarians who submitted a proposal demanding the Belgian government to take up the matter with the German government.

Members of the Belgian parliament have called on their government to stop payments to pensioners who collaborated with Nazi occupiers in WWII.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte