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'Kim Jong-un is hitting on us!': my night out with Dear Leader (sort of)

Today 09:01 GMT

It is a rare night when you find yourself on a chilly street corner waiting for a car to arrive for a rendezvous with Kim Jong-un.

Howard began impersonating the North Korean leader in April 2013, one year after the real Kim secured his place as leader of the pariah state. In the last five years, Howard has appeared in Hollywood commercials for cryptocurrencies, Hong Kong mobile phone games and Russian music videos.

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Seeing Bounty Abroad, Will North Koreans Change Their Homeland?

Saturday 16:21 GMT

“Many South Koreans worked abroad after the Korean War, when things were tough for South Korea,” said Kim Myo-jong, 34, an orthopedic surgeon in the stands for the pairs skating short program.

In the locker room before a game between the unified Korean women’s ice hockey team and Sweden, some of the South Koreans taught their teammates from the North how to dance to K-pop music, said Sarah Murray, the Korean women’s hockey coach.

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