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Source: Fox News

Trump's big challenge at the upcoming North Korea summit

Thursday 08:59 GMT

TRUMP ANNOUNCES ANOTHER NORTH KOREA NUKE SUMMIT – HERE'S THE BIG MISTAKE HE SHOULD NOW AVOID. Recently, Human Rights Watch delivered a blistering assessment of political and civil rights in Vietnam.

First and foremost, North Korea will have to deliver a full and verifiable declaration of all of its nuclear capabilities. For that to happen, Kim will have to be brave enough to take steps that demonstrate his country is done being an outlaw nation.

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Source: Reuters

North Korea's Kim to travel to Vietnam by train, summit at...

Thursday 08:04 GMT

Vietnam is preparing for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to arrive by train for his summit in Hanoi next week with President Donald Trump, two sources with direct knowledge of security and logistics planning told Reuters on Wednesday.

It could take Kim at least two and a half days to travel the thousands of kilometers through China by train, from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang to Vietnam, meaning he would have to set off later this week in time for his planned Feb. 25 arrival.

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