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More from Rex Tillerson

Today 06:04 GMT

This week on 60 Minutes, CBS News White House correspondent Margaret Brennan talks with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a wide-ranging interview.

On the broadcast, Tillerson says he's had a relationship with Putin for 18 years, and he recalls first walking into the Kremlin as Secretary of State: "The only thing I said to him was, 'Mr. Among the topics the nation's top diplomat addressed were the pressure campaign on North Korea, charges that he is "dismantling American diplomacy," and his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

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South Korean president says Olympics have lowered tensions with North

Sunday 14:30 GMT

In a visit Saturday to this Winter Olympics host city, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that the Games have helped to lower tensions on the Korean Peninsula, and he expressed hope that the rapprochement would “lead to dialogue between the United States and North Korea.” “There have been many achievements in advancing inter-Korean talks,” Moon said, “and I hope that this will lead to an improvement in inter-Korean relations, and not only inter-Korean relations, but I also hope — and we also believe that there has been, slowly but gradually, growing common sense for the need of dialogue between the United States and North Korea.”

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Why North Korea won’t give up its nukes

Saturday 09:55 GMT

Kim Jong Un is a rational actor, not a suicidal one, according to former CIA senior analyst and North Korea expert Jung Pak, and is aware that North Korea would not be able to sustain a prolonged conflict with either South Korea of the United States.

She sat down for lunch with CBS News Chief White House Correspondent and "The Takeout" podcast host Major Garrett to talk about Kim's complicated calculations and the lengths he will go to protect his status as leader of the rogue regime, despite international calls for North Korea to get rid of its nuclear arsenal. "I don't think anybody is comfortable with North Korea having any nuclear weapons so I think it has to be a goal," Jung said, noting, as she does in her essay, that the regime often brings up Iraq and Libya as examples of why they would not want to give up their nuclear weapons.

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Kim Jong Un's top aide, thought to have been executed, reappears on TV

Saturday 16:21 GMT

News about Hwang’s troubles emerged in mid-November when South Korea’s spy agency said the top aide and his deputy, Kim Won-hong were expelled from their positions due to having an “impure attitude.” The spy agency said Hwang was “punished,” but further details were not released.

A North Korean official thought to have been executed by the regime's death squad shockingly reappeared in TV footage released Thursday after a mysterious monthslong absence.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte