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Land Purchases Have Pluses for All Types of Buyers and Investors

Saturday 12:40 GMT

Buyers hoping to build their primary residence are looking for the best land for their dream home. When Mr. Arana is working with L.A.-based buyers who are considering purchasing either a finished home or land on which to build their dream property, he said he always offers the same advice: If they find a finished home that they like—even if they have to pay a premium for it, and it’s not 100% perfect—they should just buy it, he said.

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After a lost season, Nationals’ Shawn Kelley is ‘just glad it’s 2018’

Saturday 20:56 GMT

The Nationals wanted to make sure his right elbow, injected with stem cells last fall, was strong enough for Kelley to compete for a bullpen spot this spring.

A year ago, Kelley arrived at spring training to compete for the closer role coming off his best season as a major leaguer. A team that wasn’t expecting to compete for a World Series wouldn’t be paying trainers to check on guys in the offseason.”

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At Texas church where mass shooting occurred, pastor keeps faith through holidays

Sunday 05:10 GMT

First Baptist Church Pastor Frank Pomeroy said he turned the radio to his daughter's favorite Christmas station on Wednesday morning because he knew she would be disappointed if the tragic mass shooting here also killed her family's holiday spirit.

Paul Buford, pastor of nearby River Oaks Church, has been at Pomeroy’s side regularly since the shooting, pitching in wherever he can as well as making counselors available for those struggling to handle the hardship of the holidays.

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Sheriff didn't pursue sex case against Texas church gunman

Sunday 05:10 GMT

Sheriff's deputies didn't pursue a sexual assault investigation against the gunman in a mass shooting at a Texas church, even though the woman reporting it signed a complaint detailing the alleged attack, according to records released Friday.

The records contradict the reason previously given for why the case stalled against Devin Patrick Kelley, four years before the November 2017 massacre at a tiny church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

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Source: Fox News

Texas church shooter avoided arrest in rape case after investigation languished, records show

Sunday 19:05 GMT

A young woman accused Texas mass killer Devin Kelley of rape in 2013 but he was never arrested after the investigation languished, according to a report.

TEXAS CHURCH SHOOTER DEVIN KELLEY'S EX-WIFE SAYS HE ABUSED AND THREATENED TO KILL HER. The case detective left three voice-mail messages with her and then sent letter four months later that said, “I cannot proceed without your help.” “This was an error of the part of the sheriff’s office,” Comal County Sheriff Mark Reynolds told the AP Friday.

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