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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux signed 'ironclad' prenup, reports say

Friday 21:53 GMT

Jennifer Aniston's mega-fortune will remain in tact after her split from Justin Theroux, according to multiple media reports that say the couple has an "ironclad" prenuptial agreement. "Friends" star Aniston, who was named by Forbes as 2017's highest-paid actress of the year, made about $25.5 million last year.

The couple joined Bateman and his wife in Cabo San Lucas to ring in the New Year, but according to Us Weekly, the Mexican getaway was the couple's final attempt to try and save their the seven-year romance.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux separating after two years after marriage

Friday 21:53 GMT

Aniston rose to fame on TV’s “Friends” and has appeared in such films as “Horrible Bosses,” “Office Christmas Party,” “Cake” and “Marley & Me.”

His writing credits include “Tropic Thunder,” “Iron Man 2” and “Zoolander 2.”. Theroux said in an interview earlier this week that he and Aniston were not together on her Feb. Theroux, 46, had a small role in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and has several films slated for release this year, including Netflix’s “Mute” out this month.

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