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Mega Millions jackpot jumps to $970M ahead of Friday’s drawing

Friday 11:48 GMT

One in 302.5 million — someone with an unparalleled gift for picking numbers — or an astonishing amount of good luck— very well could match all six Mega Millions numbers on Friday, and win a jackpot that currently stands at a mind-blowing $970 million.

Officials raised the estimated jackpot Thursday for the second time because of strong sales ahead of Friday night’s drawing for what would be the second-largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history.

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Blackstone Profit Jumps, Helped by Rising Markets

Friday 08:05 GMT

Blackstone Group BX 0.19% LP reported an increase in third-quarter profit Thursday as continuing market strength buoyed the value of its investments.

Blackstone said it would pay a 10-cent special dividend and repurchased 6 million of its shares during the third quarter as part of a previously announced buyback.

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'The Perfect Jump' - 50 years on

Friday 08:05 GMT

It was perhaps a relief for Beamon who, just two years after his record jump, described the burden that lay upon his shoulders: "It's as if I can't breathe anymore," said the man who was once a tailor's apprentice. "The record is wearing me out."

"I landed towards the edge of the pit and was disappointed at first because my behind brushed the sand," recalled Beamon years later. An elegant approach and a powerful leap catapulted Beamon head-height with the watching umpire before a shaky landing on his legs.

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Oil Tumbles on Jump in Inventories

Thursday 16:23 GMT

Oil prices dropped sharply Wednesday as another large increase in U.S. oil inventories and volatility on Wall Street sparked concerns that global demand for oil is starting to retreat.

Analysts were especially surprised by the build in oil inventories given Hurricane Michael had forced offshore oil producers in the Gulf of Mexico to halt more than a third of their oil production for several days last week for safety reasons.

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