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Source: The Guradian

Chinese and US officials scuffled over 'nuclear football' during 2017 Trump visit – report

Today 14:32 GMT

A skirmish involving the United States “nuclear football” reportedly broke out in Beijing last year just hours after Donald Trump had flown in for what he later hailed as an “absolutely terrific” visit. Trump arrived in the Chinese capital on 8 November for what his hosts had promised would be a “state visit-plus”.

The New York Times described Obama’s reception as “bruising, even by Chinese standards” but Chinese officials responded angrily to the suggestion the move had been a calculated diplomatic snub. Bill Bishop, a Washington-based China expert who authors a weekly newsletter for Axios, said the story was “absolutely believable” and likely reflected China’s growing confidence as one of the world’s great powers.

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Source: NBC News

White House overhauls security clearance process following revelations

Saturday 22:45 GMT

Kelly outlined an overhaul of the processing of security clearances in a memorandum Friday following two weeks of controversy over why former staff secretary Rob Porter had access to the nation’s most sensitive information despite red flags raised during an FBI investigation.

Going forward, Kelly seeks to formalize the process by which the FBI would notify the White House of negative information raised during a security clearance background investigation, and reduce the lag time for conveying that information to the White House.

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