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Source: The Guradian

US civil rights agency decries Trump administration’s lax approach to police violence

Friday 22:46 GMT

America’s lead governmental civil rights body on Thursday issued a sharp rebuke to the Trump administration’s lax approach to police violence, recommending that the government “return to vigorous enforcement of constitutional policing”. The recommendations, from the US Commission on Civil Rights (CCR), came just a day after members of the American Public Health Association (APHA) took the unprecedented step of officially recognizing police violence as a “critical” public health issue.

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Trump Says DHS Secretary Nielsen Needs to Get ‘Much Tougher’

Today 13:36 GMT

President Trump made clear that he isn’t satisfied with the performance of two top officials, saying he wants Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to be “much tougher” and that Ms. Nielsen’s biggest defender in the West Wing, chief of staff John Kelly, lacks certain job skills.

Mr. Trump has been particularly unhappy over immigration, one of his signature campaign issues, and has privately criticized Ms. Nielsen for what he sees as a failure to sufficiently reduce the number of migrants seeking asylum from violence in Central America.

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