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Source: DW

Hong Kong protesters decry plans for artificial islands

Monday 03:19 GMT

As they took to the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday against the government's plan to build larges swathes of new housing on artificial islands.

One protester, Mr Chan, complained that the Hong Kong government could easily take back some of the vast land banks held by developers and build new flats on existing land. "There are many ways to find land in Hong Kong, but (the authorities) don't want to cross the property developers," he said.

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Source: DW

World Bank offers financial assistance to disaster-hit Indonesia

Sunday 23:41 GMT

Some of the World Bank loan would be directed towards 150,000 families affected by the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Lombok and Sulawesi islands.

The World Bank announced Sunday it would provide up to $1 billion (€860 million) in loans to the Indonesian government to help relief and reconstruction efforts in areas hit by recent earthquakes and a tsunami.

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Source: Washington Post

Jamaica takes aim at the trash crisis that is ruining paradise

Sunday 21:49 GMT

Jamaica is one of several island countries that have reached a tipping point about non-biodegradable waste and the daily threat it poses to paradise.

Relief from the scourge may be in sight for Jamaica, which is among at least 20 Caribbean and Latin American nations banning — or in discussions to ban — the importation, manufacture and distribution of single-use plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam.

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