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Source: New York Times

Kurdish Syria, Where the Fallen Find Fame

Today 09:01 GMT

Similar Martyrs Institutes and cemeteries have sprung up all over the Kurdish areas in northern Syria, which the Kurds call Rojava, and even in Arabic areas like Manbij under their control.

In the cemetery for war dead in Qamishli, a city in northern Syria, Farhan Ebid, his son and a friend were planting an olive tree this month in front of the grave of another son, Orhan Qamislo, who died fighting with the Syrian Democratic Forces in Manbij at age 21.

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Source: Global News

In Mosul, Iraqi volunteers train to rehabilitate kids ‘brainwashed’ by Islamic State

Sunday 03:23 GMT

In a classroom of the University of Mosul, in the Islamic State group’s former Iraqi capital, around 50 volunteers have undergone a week’s training on how to combat the jihadists’ ideology.

The ulema, or Islamic scholars, aim to set up “brigades” tasked with ridding Mosul residents of extremist ideas following the city’s recapture last July which ended three years of IS rule. “Mosul must be liberated from the thinking of Daesh after having been liberated militarily,” said Mussaab Mahmud, who just completed the course, using an Arabic acronym for IS.

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