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Source: Fox News

Iowa’s longest-serving Republican lawmaker says he’s becoming a Democrat because of Trump

Thursday 12:40 GMT

The longest-serving Republican in the Iowa Legislature announced Tuesday that he’s becoming a Democrat, saying he didn’t want to remain in a party led by President Trump.

"He's about to feel the headwind of President Trump's support in District 58.". "His decision to put people over politics shows his commitment to our state,” Price said of McKean.

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Source: Global News

An Iowa Republican for 35 years, Andy McKean is going Democrat — because of Donald Trump

Thursday 02:24 GMT

Andy McKean has spent 26 years in Iowa’s state legislature, sitting as a Republican as he has represented the people of Jackson and Jones counties.

Donald Trump asks rally in Iowa to raise their hands if they’re Christian conservatives. McKean, who was first elected to the legislature in 1978, served there as both a state representative and a senator up until 2003. He then returned to the House as a representative for District 58 in 2016, the same year Trump was elected president.

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