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Source: NBC News

Ex-lottery executive gets 25 years for rigging numbers in four states

Wednesday 19:08 GMT

A former lottery computer programmer who admitted to rigging computers to let him pick winning numbers and cheat four states out of $2.2 million over six years was sentenced as long as 25 years in prison on Tuesday.

"Eddie Tipton had the keys to the kingdom and those are the things we changed immediately to make sure any equipment he touched was removed and we continue to look ahead and make sure we have those checks and balances as we proceed," said Terry Rich, chief executive of the Iowa Lottery.

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Source: Washington Post

Where the Obamacare exchanges might have zero insurers in 2018

Wednesday 20:04 GMT

In response, the state has asked the federal government for permission to restructure its marketplace and jettison certain elements to keep insurers in place.

Insurers across the country have cited uncertainties created by the Trump administration as a reason for ending their participation in the ACA marketplaces. For months, the Trump administration has been silent on whether it will continue to pay “cost-sharing reductions” (CSRs) to insurance companies.

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