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Iowa operatives say ethanol worship is now as corny as The West Wing

Today 02:24 GMT

“People are [not] necessarily going to be driven 100% by this issue”, the source added, “but in a field this big with so many candidates to pick and choose and from” it could play a role if meaningful differences develop between candidates.

Tim Gannon, the Democratic nominee for Iowa secretary of agriculture in 2018, told the Guardian the idea of ethanol as a dealbreaker in the state was “very much a stereotypical thing because of The West Wing and the big issue with Ted Cruz four years ago”. But he added: “I think it’s still important because when you’re looking at the farm economy, partially because of tariffs and the trade situation and also because of biofuels policy coming out of Trump’s EPA [Environmental Protection Agency], we’ve seen things that aren’t good for prices.”

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