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‘I’m here to put it down’: Shaun White gives his all in intense halfpipe qualifying

Wednesday 13:38 GMT

By the time it was Shaun White’s turn to enter the halfpipe, 28 other riders had wrapped up both qualification runs, and White had nothing to prove, really.

‘I’m America’s sweetheart’: Adam Rippon won bronze, but he’s a gold-medal talker. Chloe Kim’s ‘buddy’ Arielle Gold joined her on the halfpipe podium, as bronze medalist. Barry Svrluga: Ice cream-loving teen or dominant gold medalist? “I feel night and day — physically and mentally — from Sochi,” White said following Tuesday’s runs, “and I think there was a little bit of that shining through today.”

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Black Panther review – Marvel's thrilling vision of the afrofuture

Saturday 01:32 GMT

Director Ryan Coogler and co-screenwriter Joe Robert Cole tackle the superheroes of colour question with this surreal and uproarious movie version of Marvel’s Black Panther legend, in which the sheer enjoyment of everyone involved pumps the movie with fun.

The intriguing thing about Black Panther is that it doesn’t look like a superhero film – more a wide-eyed fantasy romance: exciting, subversive and funny.

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