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Source: Global News

Pilot seriously injured after small plane crashes in Ottawa’s west end

Wednesday 01:31 GMT

First responders say the pilot of a small, ultra-light plane that crashed in Ottawa’s west end has been removed from the aircraft and taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Initial reports from first responders said the plane had landed on a house but it was later confirmed the plane clipped and snapped a ground wire attached to the home, and just narrowly missed the house itself. The crash occurred around 8:30 a.m. at 3219 Old Almonte Rd., near the intersection of Old Almonte and Howie roads, outside of Stittsville in Ottawa’s west end.

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Source: Washington Post

At least 18 killed, 168 injured after express train derails in Taiwan

Monday 17:16 GMT

At least 18 people are dead and 168 injured after an express train in Taiwan derailed Sunday, flipping and toppling carrier cars onto their sides, the Associated Press and AFP reported.

In 2003, a train traveling toward a mountain tourist destination crashed, killing 17 passengers and injuring another 156, and a toppled tree caused a train crash that killed six and injured at least 50 in 2011. Europe’s privacy laws are now so tough, they are taking names off doorbells in Vienna. New leader of Quebec wants to bar public servants from wearing religious symbols at work

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