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Source: Reuters

Ethiopia and Indonesia crash parallels heap pressure on Boeing

Tuesday 22:44 GMT

Investigators into the Boeing Co 737 MAX crash in Ethiopia have found striking similarities in a vital flight angle with an airplane that came down off Indonesia, a source said, piling pressure on the world’s biggest planemaker.

Boeing Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg sought on Sunday to allay some fears, saying the company was finishing a software update and pilot training revision “that will address the MCAS flight control law’s behavior in response to erroneous sensor inputs.”

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Source: DW

EU offers UK Brexit extension options, initially to April 12

Saturday 08:04 GMT

After MPs voted to delay Brexit, EU leaders gave May two options: delay Brexit until May 22 if MPs vote for the withdrawal deal or delay it until April 12 if they vote against the deal.

Critical extension: The new offer will grant May critically needed time to push her twice-rejected deal through parliament and avoid a hard Brexit. The offer could also keep alive the remainers' dreams of staying in the EU as well help scare Brexiteers into accepting the deal to avoid such a scenario.

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