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Marie Kondo 'sparks joy' for charity shops

Today 09:54 GMT

She says the shop is getting 30 large bags a day - double what it would normally expect - with many donors referencing Marie Kondo's Netflix series on de-cluttering your home as their inspiration.

Maria Vicencio, who manages disability charity Scope's Cambridge branch, says she knows when someone has watched the show because she recognises Marie Kondo's "signature fold". However, anecdotal evidence suggests the Marie Kondo de-cluttering trend could be one factor.

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World’s wealthiest saw their fortunes increase by $2.5 billion a day in 2018: Oxfam

Today 07:08 GMT

While the poorest half of the world was scraping by on less than $5.50 a day in 2018, the world’s billionaires saw their wealth increase by $900 billion — or $2.5 billion a day.

On a percentage basis, the world’s wealthiest saw their fortunes rise 12% last year, while the poorest — 3.8 billion people— experienced an 11% drop. Last week, a separate survey from Wealth X showed the wealth of the world’s high net worth individuals — those with between $1 million and $30 million in assets — grew by just 1.9% to 22.4 million people in 2018.

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Never mind the Social Security increase, seniors are in trouble — here’s why

Sunday 18:08 GMT

Here’s what the Social Security Administration says:. If you begin taking Social Security at age 62, you’ll get 70% of the monthly benefit—because you retired five years before your full retirement age.

Since more people retire at 62 than any other age (because that’s the earliest they can tap into Social Security), let’s use that as a benchmark. If you’re an average, single middle income earner and retire at that age now, you’ll get $17,532 from Social Security next year.

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After Nearly Nonstop Growth, San Francisco Bay Area Buyers Take Pause

Saturday 21:49 GMT

Buyers in the typically ferocious San Francisco Bay Area real estate market looked decidedly less enthusiastic in December, as sales dropped despite more discounts, according to a report Wednesday from Compass.

Across the Bay Area, the share of price reductions doubled, increasing to 33% in December 2018, from 15% a year earlier, the report said.

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