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A salve for inequality Free money for all

Monday 11:46 GMT

One sign global inequality is reaching crisis proportions: In mainstream economic circles, the once-radical idea of free money for all is gaining currency.

"If we don't do something about the income distribution system, we're going to see a drift toward a neo-fascist populism in the near future."

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Where Will Consumers Spend Their Tax Cut?

Monday 17:16 GMT

Estimates from both the Tax Policy Center, which is run by a former Obama administration official, and the conservative-leaning Tax Foundation show that households in the top fifth by income will receive larger percentage increases in after-tax income this year as a result of tax cuts than households in the middle fifth.

While the $1,000 bonuses some businesses have handed out since the tax law’s passage don’t move the needle much, the competition for workers and new investment the tax cut will spur is another matter.

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Forget the stock market’s roller coaster — many Americans struggle with income volatility

Monday 08:59 GMT

The stock market’s up-and-down ride has grabbed breathless news coverage this month, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.08%   suffering its biggest one-day drop since 2008 followed by a rebound this week.

See: Here’s the really bad news: Only half of Americans actually own stocks. Income swings have grown more extreme since the 1970s, according to a study by the Brookings Institution, a liberal-leaning Washington D.C. think tank.

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