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Rep. Andy Biggs: I heard from Comey on Friday -- Here are the three most important takeaways

Monday 02:24 GMT

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, I was among those who interviewed fired FBI Director James Comey on Friday about Hillary’s Clinton’s email scandal and about the initial stages of the FBI investigation of allegations that the Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

When we pressed Comey as to why he did not refer his conversation with President Trump to Sessions, Comey asserted some kind of special knowledge about Session’s then-future recusal.

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US maintains hard line in trade with China: report

Tuesday 06:04 GMT

The U.S. will hold fast to its 90-day deadline for the conclusion of a lasting trade agreement with China and would impose punishing tariffs on Chinese imports if none is reached.

In the past few months,  Xi has touted a Chinese Commerce Ministry report saying China would import a total of $2.5 trillion in services globally over five years.

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Why aren't Trump's tariffs closing the trade deficit?

Tuesday 09:54 GMT

The president's enthusiasm for tariffs is largely driven by his antipathy for America's massive trade deficit, which Trump regularly denounces as evidence that the rest of the world is ripping us off.

Trump's aluminum and steel tariffs are worldwide — or at least close to worldwide — but the rest have focused mainly on China. Well, first off, there's an important difference between placing tariffs on everything coming in from around the globe and placing tariffs on everything coming in from one specific country.

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Industry leaders cautious as both German exports and imports rise

Tuesday 09:54 GMT

German exports took a surprising month-on-month jump in October, but that was offset by an even bigger rise in imports, resulting in a fall in the European economic powerhouse's trade surplus.

The surplus fall suggests the German economy is feeling the swirls of the various global trade conflicts that have been blowing, and while the export rise is a welcome positive, industry leaders have greeted the news cautiously.

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'We could smell the boat approaching': the grim truth on animal exports

Tuesday 12:41 GMT

The bill would reduce the transportation of live animals while increasing tax-free imports of fresh meat, and encourage local production.

I witnessed football field-sized parcels of land with mounds of manure and decomposing animal bodies that must have been there for decades.

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Chinese court bans import and sale of almost all iPhone models

Tuesday 15:26 GMT

A Chinese court on Monday banned the import and sale of most iPhone models after ruling that Apple is violating two patents belonging to chipmaker Qualcomm.

The Fuzhou Intermediate People's Court in China granted a preliminary order that requires Apple to stop selling the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X in China, according to Qualcomm. The ban does not apply to the newer XS, XS Max and XR models, which weren't on the market at the time of the case filing.

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Qualcomm wins preliminary China import ruling against some iPhone...

Tuesday 17:17 GMT

The specific iPhone models affected by the preliminary ruling in China are the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

(Reuters) - Chip supplier Qualcomm Inc on Monday said it had won a preliminary order from a Chinese court banning the sale of several Apple Inc iPhone models in China due to two patent violations around software features, though Apple said its phones remain available in the country.

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China to 'cut US car tariff to 15%'

Thursday 14:31 GMT

China has reportedly proposed cutting tariffs on US-made cars to 15%, the same tax levied on car imports from other countries.

In retaliation, China raised the duty on US car imports to 40%, though it proceeded with the lower rate on imports from other countries.

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Stocks mixed as U.S.-China trade tensions loom

Friday 15:25 GMT

U.S. stocks traded mixed late Thursday morning, as investors continue to digest headlines surrounding the potential for a U.S.-China trade deal.

U.S.-China trade concerns remain at fore of investor minds Thursday, as they continue to digest headlines from earlier in the week that suggested the Chinese were ready to make significant concessions to their industrial policy and reduce tariffs on imported autos, while President Trump indicated he would intervene in the arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou if it would help ensure a trade deal with China.

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Finance for Africa is a key challenge in global climate change fight, says COP24 president

Friday 16:20 GMT

As the world maps its progress in the battle on climate change, DW's Andrew Wasike asks Michal Kurtyka, head of the executive body of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP24, about the talks in Katowice.

In this regard a very important call was made by Kristalina Georgieva, the CEO of the World Bank, on the first day of the COP when she said the institution will double its climate finance and $200 billion (€176 billion) will be dedicated for climate finance in the coming five years.

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UN's former envoy to Somalia is upbeat about its future

Saturday 10:49 GMT

As Somalia welcomed the leader of neighboring Eritrea amid a warming of ties in the Horn of Africa, DW's Daniel Pelz spoke to former UN envoy to Somalia, Michael Keating, about the outlook for the war-torn nation.

I think it's in the security, economic and political interests of all Somalia's partners, whether in the region or in the Gulf, in Europe, North America or China, for Somalia to be more stable,  more economically productive.

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