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Is this the space race’s most important room?

Today 09:00 GMT

There is nothing special about the entrance door to Mission Operations Control Room 2 (Mocr-2), on the third floor of Nasa’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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Logistics Report: Halting an Import Surge; Buying into Poland; Railroads in Freight Fight

Tuesday 22:44 GMT

Logistics companies may be wondering whether a sharp drop in imports into major U.S. ports last month is just a pause or a sign of a deeper decline.

Last month from a year ago, the WSJ reports, in an abrupt end to the surge in importing that began last year as shippers rushed to move goods ahead of impending trans-Pacific tariffs. The upswing lasted into January, leaving the region’s terminals and warehouses overstuffed and a big overhang of inventory for retailers and manufacturers to start the year.

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Logistics Report: DHL Isn’t Buying; Uncanny Metal Making; States Eye Gas Taxes

Tuesday 05:09 GMT

Deutsche Post DHL is the sector’s second big player to say in recent months it is steering clear of the M&A market, following XPO Logistics Inc.’s withdrawal as a potential buyer, and the WSJ Logistics Report’s Jennifer Smith writes that leaves consolidation in logistics up to smaller operators trying to climb the market-share ladder.

Deutsche Post AG chief Frank Appel says its DHL group’s position as the world’s largest forwarding and supply chain provider and as a top air express carrier leave the business little room to take part in broader industry consolidation.

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Source: DW

Two in three Germans say they're happy

Wednesday 10:50 GMT

"Even if a majority of Germans are happy, one-in-four Germans describe themselves as being unhappy,” said Philipp Schneider, head of marketing for YouGov Germany. "The greatest barriers to happiness, meanwhile, are not surprising."

Despite their reputation for seriousness and angst, a new study has found that 66 percent of Germans are happy with their lives. When asked about what was important for a happy life, 51 percent of respondents told YouGov, a polling firm, that good health was one of their top three fulfillment factors.

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