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Bernardo parole hearing told of ‘crushing and debilitating’ impacts on victims, families

Thursday 16:23 GMT

Paul Bernardo was denied parole on Wednesday after harrowing victim impact statements described the “emotional hell” the convicted killer and rapist continues to inflict on his victims and their loved ones.

Bernardo, now 54, came up for parole in February, his first chance since he was arrested a quarter of a century ago for the murders of two young women, and applied for both full parole and day parole.

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Proposed Rule Requiring Drug Prices in TV Ads Could Impact Marketing Strategies

Thursday 16:23 GMT

The Department of Health and Human Services on Monday proposed a new rule that would force advertisers to display list prices in TV ads for any drugs covered by Medicare and Medicaid with a list price of more than $35 a month.

Drugmakers that need to get their products in front of a large TV audience might try to soften the proposed rule’s impact by explaining in their ads that consumers are likely to pay less than the prices shown, according to Mel Sokotch, a consultant and health-care ad agency veteran.

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Source: CBS News

Sears bankruptcy impacts – some positive – will be widespread

Thursday 13:35 GMT

Competitors will notice the retailer's latest developments, mainly in the form of picking up customers who used to shop at Sears.

For mall landlords, a Sears departure could be welcome relief and an opportunity to attract new tenants that could bring in more revenue and customers. Suppliers won't get hit as hard as when Toys R Us filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and then liquidated a few months later, experts said.

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