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How the US government created a fake university to snare immigrant students

Today 06:59 GMT

The University of Farmington website described a college that would prepare students to succeed in an “ever-globalizing economy.”

“These are students who are trying to make their lives better, these are not criminals, these are not people who are here, leeching off the system,” said Amer Zahr, an adjunct professor of law at the University of Detroit-Mercy and a spokesman for Najlaa Krim Musarsa, one of the students arrested.

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Source: Fox News

Man who shot at California cop previously deported, arrested but cops wouldn't honor ICE detainer, feds say

Today 06:59 GMT

Including cases involving the very department whose officer took him down in a dramatic exchange caught on her body cam.

“Compliance with state law is what Napa County will, in fact, follow through upon, whether there are changes in the future that change things but as of right now we do need to comply with state law and that is what our policy reflects,” Napa County Supervisor Belia Ramos told ABC 7.. Henry Wofford, a sheriff’s spokesman, told the San Francisco Chronicle that the department was alerted by immigration officials to Hernandez Morales’ status prior to ICE issuing a press release on Thursday. “We’re not talking about that information because that’s an ICE issue,” he said.

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21 Savage's celebrity may be a powerful tool to let him stay in the US

Friday 10:51 GMT

The possible deportation of British-born rapper 21 Savage has struck a chord with US media and become one of the highest profile deportation cases of the Trump era.

Though 21 Savage’s celebrity, contribution to music and hefty bank account were not enough to keep him out of Ice’s grip, they may still prove powerful tools to him staying in the US, showing how money and media attention have given him a special privilege.

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Immigration, rail funding and lawsuits: why California and Trump are at war

Thursday 21:50 GMT

The Trump administration’s plans to pull millions in federal funding from California’s high-speed rail project is just the latest in the ongoing antagonism between the president and the state that stands on the opposite end of his party’s ideological spectrum.

California, which has styled itself as the Democratic-led “resistance” to the administration, has launched 46 lawsuits against the Trump administration since Trump was sworn into office.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte