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Source: CBS News

Foreign worker loophole: Businesses say South Carolina officials ignored complaints

Wednesday 05:11 GMT

Rauch and four other South Carolina business executives, who declined to speak publicly for fear of being blacklisted, told us they've made dozens of complaints like these to state officials, starting as far back as 2013.

Now, South Carolina business owners tell CBS News they are being undercut by cheap foreign labor, and they've been trying to put a stop to it for years. Donna Rauch is the CEO of AEC, a company that builds and installs automation equipment from its shop in Greenville, South Carolina, just down the road from dozens of major manufacturing plants.

1 Article
Source: Common Domain

Eurozone bond bears ignore shrinking supply at their peril, says economist

Wednesday 05:11 GMT

Many investors are betting on European bond prices to fall, and yields to climb, as the eurozone recovery broadens beyond export powerhouse Germany to nations like Portugal and Spain.

All in all, this combination of scarce supply and steady demand is likely to spell “persistent upward pressure on prices” for eurozone debt.

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